Week 179

A few less meetings this week, but one of those I did squeeze in has led to some fairly rapid results. Tomorrow I’ll be heading down to Lambeth to get started on an intensive project that will occupy most of my time till May. It’s very exciting but a bit hush-hush so I’ll have to be careful what I blog.

With that lined up the focus has been on clearing the decks (but not, unfortunately, writing the many blog entries I’ve been meaning to get to).

The past week saw four recent projects signed off, another’s with a client for testing, and a sixth finally feeling like it’s on track for completion. When there are quite a few projects bouncing around it always seems like there’s one that loses out and in this case it was an especially complex one that got a bit snarled up. But one especially tricky issue is resolved, and it’s picking up from there.

I suspect the coming weeks are going to be pretty hectic, so I also spent a little time simplifying a few things. With all the projects we have kicking around there can be a lot of maintenance work to do, and simplifying and automating that as far as possible is essential to remain sane. I just must make sure I renew my passport so I make it to SxSW.

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