Sep 16

We are renewing our Cloud First commitment

This was originally posted on the Government Technology blog A few weeks ago I spoke at an event organised by Oracle focussed on how the public sector uses the cloud. I talked about why we are committed to the cloud, how this commitment has changed how we think about technology, and what we plan to […]

Jul 16

Why ‘security says no’ won’t cut it anymore

This was originally posted on the GDS Technology blog. I spoke recently at the Business Reporter’s Data Security in the Cloud event about how security has changed to face the reality of the modern internet era. The old world of assurance and compliance and ‘security says no’ won’t cut it anymore. Security thinking has to […]

Jul 16

Introducing GDS’ architecture approach and principles

This was originally posted on the Government Technology blog. With the number of visitors we have coming through GDS we’re often asked to present various areas of our work, particularly architecture. We’ve usually kept the presentation pretty informal. People mean so many different things by architecture that it’s important to take some time to understand […]

Feb 16

Future of Government ICT 2016

Last week I delivered the opening keynote at Salford University’s Future of Government ICT conference. Sadly I was only able to be there for an hour or so and didn’t get a chance to hear any of the other speakers, but it was fun to get a little time there and to talk with a […]

Jan 16

Working out how to open up the Register to Vote code

Originally posted on the Technology at GDS blog. Over the course of the past few years many teams across government have begun publishing their code under open source licenses. That’s a change that’s been pushed by the Digital by Default Service Standard but it’s just as much a result of the change in development culture […]