Feb 16

Future of Government ICT 2016

Last week I delivered the opening keynote at Salford University’s Future of Government ICT conference. Sadly I was only able to be there for an hour or so and didn’t get a chance to hear any of the other speakers, but it was fun to get a little time there and to talk with a […]

Jan 16

Working out how to open up the Register to Vote code

Originally posted on the Technology at GDS blog. Over the course of the past few years many teams across government have begun publishing their code under open source licenses. That’s a change that’s been pushed by the Digital by Default Service Standard but it’s just as much a result of the change in development culture […]

Jan 16

Recent history of UK government and open source

Over Christmas I spoke with a team in the US government who are pulling together some work on open source policy on that side of the Atlantic. To help them I tried to document recent UK government history on the topic. Having done that it seemed helpful to publish it somewhere in case I ever […]

Oct 15

Sub-resource integrity at github

There’s lots of really good work going on at the moment to make the browser environment more secure. Github wrote up their experience of implementing one of them. These changes don’t just make the users’ experiences more secure, they can have very real direct financial benefits too. Github claim: “Widespread adoption of Subresource Integrity could […]

Sep 15

WhatsApp’s 50 developers

Wired’s piece on how WhatsApp serves 900 million users with only 50 engineers is getting a lot of attention. It’s an incredibly impressive feat, but it’s a shame the article focuses on their use of Erlang rather than looking into what effect the tight focus of the product has. The language is a factor, but […]