Week 178

This week has followed in much the same vein as the last. Lots of rushing between meetings, squeezing in the time to do the work that needs to fit around them. There were a couple of exciting meetings about some projects for the coming months, and a slightly harder one trying to figure out whether there’s a realistic business model around a product we’ve been exploring over the past few months. And an afternoon learning a little about Nokia’s new developer platform (on which more, later).

There was also a day on site with a client trying to figure out how to simplify the way they describe a number of their processes. We’re working on a new system to replace the suite of spreadsheets and pile of papers that they currently use to track their work in progress, and that’s coincided with some bit internal changes for them. Figuring out how to describe and simplify their processes is a challenge, but an enjoyable one.

We’ve got a few new projects coming up–one for a composer, one for a new record label, another tbc–that I’m very pleased about. They’re small jobs that won’t bring in lots of money, or even really challenge us technically, but it’s a style of project we enjoy and that we’re keen to keep working on. This is a chance to not only serve those clients but do a bit more work to figure out how we can make that work sustainable.

The next week isn’t meeting-free, but should be a more settled one. I’m rather looking forward to that.

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