Rails 3 Theme Support

A few months back I set out to port theme_support (my rails plugin to allow one app to serve different views under various conditions) to Rails 3. I got some basics working, but realised along the way that it was well overdue for a complete rewrite. And then I got busy with projects that didn’t use theme_support and the rewrite was left lingering.

With Rails 3’s official release a few weeks back I began getting a few requests for an updated version. Without time to do the plugin justice, I suggested people fork the project and submit patches. I’m very pleased to say that Lucas Florio took that and ran with it. The result is a new gem: themes_for_rails.

If you’re wanting theme support in a Rails 3 app, that’s the place to go.

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  1. Following my comment on github, I made a fork for rails3 !

  2. thanks for give the information about theme_support