Week 152

This is always a strange week in my annual calendar.

So much of my work is focussed around Greenbelt—which is now less than a week away—that many, many projects are approaching their culmination. Good news this week is that we’ve got a little of the funding we need for this year’s newspaper, that the GPD is once again paying off as preparations to sell talks online were easier by several orders of magnitude than any time in the past decade, and that the festival iPhone app was approved and is now on sale.

This year the week was that little bit stranger because of a rush project that came in on Monday, was due at 9am on Thursday, and the launch of which has now been pushed back to Monday. It’s for a very exciting client, and even though in the end we didn’t get nearly the freedom that we were initially led to expect I’m delighted that we’re associated with it.

Other than that, one of the long lingering projects finally seems to be signed off (note to self: in future don’t agree to support installation before knowing the server platform being used), another had a successful client demo mid-week and we now move on to a workshop and planning for a second phase of work, and I found someone to take over working with a client who need more time than I can offer.

Quite a good strange week, really.


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