Week 151

A calmer week at last. I tend to find that I’m especially prone to procrastination in weeks like this one, when there’s finally some breathing room after an intense period. I guess that’s okay, but it can lead to nasty surprises.

It’s largely been a week of “tidying up”. We got a whole range of small fixes made to a range of client sites and deployed them for testing. That led to some server wrangling, and in one case to lots of back-and-forth with a client’s internal IT person as we tried to figure out their rather complex Windows/IIS server setup and an awkward API that required an interface script be placed at a very specific URL.

I invested a good chunk of Monday getting the iPhone/iPad app that pab has built for Greenbelt packaged up and submitted for approval. Now that I’ve completed battle with iTunes Connect, we simply have to wait (watching the clock impatiently) and see what Apple say.

It’s been great to see the way that the Programming Database (referred to last week, generating contracts) can quickly feed the iPhone app and can be used to generate updates that can be downloaded over-the-air. For years we’ve talked about automating these sorts of systems, and this year we’ve made significant progress. The programming database/iPhone app combo is feeling quite compelling, and it’s becoming clear that they could be adapted and applied to a wide range of events. That deserves more consideration in the coming months.


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