Week 150

Another week down and once again I can’t quite remember what was achieved. Uppermost in my mind is a client meeting from Wednesday that seemed very positive — everyone on the same page, clear targets and achievable (if tight) deadlines — but was shortly followed by an email that threw the whole project into confusion. The coming week will require that we resolve that.

There’s a new look in place for the the Ninja XX site that better fits with the print design they’ve recently had completed. The arrangements for our increasingly popular office are tidied up. My team of Greenbelt volunteers are all in place and the Programming Database we built for them is churning out contracts, saving people lots of time. We have Suite 4 in progress. Our new standard Ts&Cs are being finalised by the solicitor. Other projects are moving along. I’ve begun on plans to hand others over to new teams who could drive them forward over a longer term.

That second paragraph really helps offset the frustration of the first. More that to come, I hope.


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