Suite 4

Alex has beaten me to the punch with Shut the door, have a seat: Suite 4, announcing the fact that a selection of the small businesses on our floor have invested in a meeting room.


We hope it’ll be something more than a meeting room.

A lot of interesting people pass through this part of town, it’s quite the hub for businesses, and a lot of folks with good ideas and a diverse set of interests are gathered right around here. It seems like the opportunities are there to be grabbed. Hopefully there’ll be some talks, some workshops, and a few drinks. We’re also planning a series of “Innovation Workshops”, offering a wide range of perspectives on… well, whatever you want to get those perspectives on.

So there should be more news of what this really means over the coming months. If you’ve got something you’d like to talk to us about get in touch. We’re also on twitter, of course.

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