Week 146

As I write I am sitting on the floor of my sister’s hotel room in Paris as she and Kari watch the World Cup Final and my daughter sleeps in the next room. Which is to say–despite my officemates thinking I was inventing the plan simply to hurry some suppliers–I’m actually on holiday.

That means the past week was a hectic and scattered one as I made sure as much as possible was wrapped up before my departure. For the most part that worked though one significant project was left in a very uncertain state as the client went on a holiday of his own without informing me. Thankfully 48 hours after leaving the office it is actually taking a little effort to recall the details (which are of course all documented for me on my return).

The coming week promises a lot of reading, a lot of walking, maybe some cycling and no work. I may post a few links or notes here, but otherwise I will be back in a couple of weeks.

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