Coderack: Rack Middleware Directory

With Rails 3 inching ever closer, there’s likely to be a good bit of attention on Rack Middleware over the coming months. It’s there as an option in Rails 2.3, but with Rails 3 it’ll get the attention it deserves.

Working on a few Rails 3 apps, I’ve been very pleased to find Coderack (via Robert Brook on twitter, I think). It’s a directory of middleware, packed with interesting tools.

The one discovery I’m so far using is StaticFallback, which “bounces or redirects requests to missing static files”. So you can sync up your development environment with your production database, and don’t have to worry about also pulling down all the assets that may have been uploaded to it. Very handy!

It’d just be nice if CodeRack could add an RSS feed of new middleware submissions…

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  1. There is no RSS feed because we tweet all new submissions from the account “coderack” so we thought RSS would be redundant. You can follow Twitter’s RSS feed for coderack if you want it via RSS.

  2. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

    On a site like this I would expect to see RSS mentioned, though. Speaking for myself I much prefer twitter for conversation and RSS for news/announcements. Perhaps just an RSS icon linked to the twitter feed?