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Its been twenty years since Coldcut formed Ninja Tune and they’ve got a lot planned to celebrate that anniversary. There’ll be events, a very special box set, and… a website featuring exclusive giveaways every week for the next twenty weeks. Ninja Tune XX launched at 4pm today.

This is the rush job I’ve referred to in recent weeknotes, and it feels great to have it launched. It’s already attracting quite a bit of traffic and seems to be holding up well sitting on a little dreamhost private server (we needed cheap access to a lot of bandwidth). Under the hood it’s a Rails 3 app talking to MongoDB via mongoid. We’re using devise for authentication, formtastic for forms and InheritedResources to keep controller code to a minimum.

One of the very pleasing things has been how little there is to say about that stack, with the exception of one issue around multiparameter attributes in mongoid it’s all just worked. How nice.

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  1. Thanks anon! I’ve fixed the link