Week 137

Four day weeks always feel a bit odd. This week’s particularly so as I somehow managed to not be ill or work on the Bank Holiday. That doesn’t often happen.

(When I say I didn’t work, I mean on client work. There was some tinkering, but not with anything directly relevant to an active project)

The rest of the week seemed to muddle along with a light scattering of meetings.

Wednesday I was in Oxford for another James Lind Library meeting. It’s a project that currently involves so many meetings that it’s a bit of a struggle to produce new things to discuss each time, but at this stage that’s what’s necessary to keep the client happy and so we’re pushing on through.

The rush project of the previous week was actually delayed a little, so there were some refinements of that and then a meeting with the client to run through how it worked, get final copy signed off, etc.

Friday’s post-election haze was punctuated by a very helpful meeting about managing information on site at Greenbelt this year. It’s exciting to be having a meeting like that with this much time to go before the event.

And that’s about it. A fairly ordinary week, really, with not a huge amount to report.


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