Week 125

I had planned to write last week’s notes on Wednesday in the ninety minutes I had free between meetings. But then another meeting came along and ate that time. By Sunday I decided it was time to give in and just skip a week. Now it’s Wednesday again and I’m sitting on a train heading to Reading to meet with my accountant so it’s time to actually get something down.

In free moments I was contemplating code names for projects. It feels like I keep making vague references to projects in the pipeline, but while reluctant to refer to specific clients and without another way to name them it’s hard to be more specific. So I’ve been throwing around a few ideas, but not settled on anything for sure. Perhaps I should just make them up as-and-when, but the idea of having some theme really appeals.

As I’d hoped, February has seen a reduction in the amount of juggling. Each day of the past two weeks has had a major theme even when I’ve tried to fit smaller requests in around the edges. I like working that way: take an hour or two in the morning to get through email, make small fixes, and so on, and then allow the rest of the day to be focussed around a single project. That’s hard to maintain when a lot of projects require some level of maintenance, but I remain optimistic.

The meeting with my accountant is to begin to think about how the business might develop in the coming months. There are various arrangements that I suspect could be much simpler but I need a little advice there. And then the rest of the day will likely be spent on planning out a few projects, some for clients, some not, and figuring out how to help one (music industry) client build their revenues up to a point where they can actually afford the work they want us to do.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to working on a brainstorming app for a client. From their perspective we’re working on completing a first iteration, from mine this is the third. Either way it’s moving along. And then Friday promises to be interesting as we meet with the publisher of the book tied into the JLL project to discuss how we can have the web and the book play off each other well, without creating too much work for authors or editors.

For now, I see a suite of Oracle buildings passing on my right and a Staples coming up on my left, which means I’m arriving into Reading and it’s time to sign off.


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