Help me clear some shelves?

I’ve got quite a few tech books I never get round to using and I’d rather like to reclaim the shelf space they take up. I’ve tried selling some on amazon, but increasingly the meagre returns don’t seem to warrant the effort they take to ship, so I thought I’d list them here and see if anyone wants them. They’re generally in good shape, there’s the odd dog-eared cover here or there but they’re perfectly usable.

If you’d like one and can collect them from me either at home in South Tottenham or from my office in Shoreditch, I’d be happy to pass them along. While I’d love to be able to offer them to people further afield, the cost and the time involved in posting them isn’t an option right now so collection is a must.

(If you’re an author and you see your book above, please don’t take it as me slighting your book, a number of them have been very useful in the past)

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