Week 123

The last week of January’s here already and it seems like I’m still trying to sign off on the same projects I’ve been on all month. It’s not all that bad, really, and the budgets are working out fine (I’m very glad that one of these projects in particular wasn’t a fixed quote). But I’m feeling very ready to move on. Maybe this week will see some pieces being signed off?

The week will once again be about getting things signed off and trying to pin other things down. There are two or three meetings: one to review the work so far on the Greenbelt Programming/Scheduling Database and work out next steps; another to train a client on the CMS I knocked together with CodeIgniter (which I’ve grown to rather like); and a third to kick off the JLL project I mentioned last week.

One of the key reasons I’m keen to get these projects wrapped is the number of exciting ideas floating around the TCO team for building apps of our own. Based on experiences with clients and with our own processes we seem to have a nice list of product ideas. With lots of little projects on the go, sparing attention to work on any of those doesn’t seem realistic, but if we can bring the focus down to just a couple of pieces then maybe it’ll be easier to mark off time to work on our own stuff.

The new office seems to be working well. We’ve begun to meet our neighbours, we have a phone line (DSL should be active by the end of the week). And it’s really quite warm in there–we’re enjoying the novelty of occasionally being too warm. Ben‘s been busy furnishing the space with bookshelves, angle poise lamps and other bits and pieces and it’s heading towards being presentable. We’ve still got space for two more regular tenants, and should also have space for people who are just looking for a space occasionally. Drop me a line if you’re interested.

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