Week 121

In his weeknotes for last week, Matt Webb commented that “The first week back after new year is tough. It’s like dropping sudently onto a bike halfway up a hill”. I resonated with that, though for me it started half way through the week. The first half was spent trying to follow up on pre-Christmas enquiries, and then suddenly the bike appeared and I was careening away. And then there were travel disruptions meaning we arrived back in London 24 hours later than planned, the day before the big office move. (I’d also note that, as Matt mentioned in his post, this will be my wife‘s first week working at BERG)

So now I’m enjoying being back in Shoreditch, catching up over breakfast while waiting for the old office to be unlocked so we can get going with the move. Hopefully we’ll get that out of the way today as the rest of the week looks like a continuation of last week’s uphill stage. There are two projects that need to be ready for client review by the end of the week and several others that need proposals, scheduling or other preparatory work.

The first of the projects to be delivered this week will be my first built on CodeIgniter. It’s a first project with a new designer and unfortunately not one where I could specify the server I wanted to use. So when I confirmed that I couldn’t use ruby for the CMS, I decided it was time to pick up one of the PHP frameworks I’d been meaning to put through its paces. I’m not thrilled with CI–my biggest bugbear so far is that I’d have expected a solid range of easy to install authentication plugins–but it’s a reasonable framework and worth having in the saddle bag.

I’m looking forward to clearing more of these smaller projects out of the way and digging back into something more substantial, where there’s time to really focus on possibilities, experience, and all those sort of things. Hopefully that’s what the preparatory work is building towards…

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