Week 117

Ugh. The second week of doing these and I’m already late. I blame travel, or the lack of internet access for a couple of days at our destination. Or something like that.

The big news of last week was that I signed the lease on a new office and we’ll be moving across the road into a larger (and hopefully less chaotic) space on January 11th. We’ve got space for a couple more people so drop me a line if you’re looking for desk space in Shoreditch.

The rest of the week was all about deadlines as I tried to get as much as possible off my plate before heading to the US (where I am now). We’ll be here for several weeks and I’ll be working during the trip, but I’ve always found it harder to juggle projects when travelling and so the clearer my focus can be the better.

Mostly it worked, even including a short term job that came up at the last minute. Thankfully that small job merely involved taking a subset of the work done for the government consultation project I mentioned last week and packaging it up differently, so was very straightforward. It’s really satisfying to have so many projects wrap up in so short a space of time.

This week there are a few more pieces that I hope to wrap up, including the build for a new Generous client. It’s good to see that project finally gathering pace and I’m really hopeful that there’ll be enough white-label clients in the coming months to fund us getting some new momentum behind the “worldwide” site.

Mostly now, though, I’m just hoping to get this week’s projects out of the way to allow a bit of space to start thinking about what 2010 might have in store.

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