Week 116

I’ve been meaning to jump on Matt Webb’s Week Notes bandwagon for a few months now. I’ve even written a couple when off-line but then forgotten them until so long after the fact that they’re no longer relevant. Still, it seems like a good discipline and clearly this blog needs some injection of life, so here goes. While I do all my work under the “Ket Lai” banner, I’m going to post them here as they’re a fairly personal reflection and may also occasionally contain some links of technical interest.

The past week has seen my focus split (as so often) in numerous directions. There are two big projects that are reaching crunch points, one of which I’m working on solo and one that I’ve pulled James Weiner in for his invaluable front-end expertise. The first of those is yet another piece for Greenbelt, this time focussed on simplifying internal processes in a way I’ve been hoping to do for the entire decade that I’ve been working for the festival. The latter is quite an exciting government consultation piece, though I have to work hard to remember that big picture while mired in the bowels of an overly complex wordpress theme and host of plugins.

Both of these projects have seen me knee-deep in javascript. Intensive javascript development seems to have been a recurring theme of the past few weeks and I’ve been enjoying it even though it’s revealed a number of gaps in my knowledge that I’ll be looking to plug as soon as things slow down.

Alongside those two big pieces there was a great business planning session for Street Action, Campaign Monitor training for Amos Trust, preparing a new client rollout for Generous and adjusting a client’s site to allow for a major change in their systems team’s deployment strategies. And then there was setting up a server to house a new client’s old site (till we get a new one sorted), and a healthy amount of work on three proposals that I’m very excited about.

Juggling all the little pieces has set me wondering once again about how best to handle the “management” end of things and what the business will look like in a year’s time. There’s lots to ponder, and hopefully some improvements to make. I’m hoping there’ll be time to reflect on that while we’re in the US for Christmas—I just need to meet a few deadlines before that.

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