XML_Feed_Parser: Handing over the reins

For the past few years I’ve been maintaining a PHP package called XML_Feed_Parser. It’s part of PEAR and attempts to offer a unified API for handling RSS and Atom feeds in your PHP code, a little inspired by projects like the universal feed parser. Its parsing and API are pretty comprehensive, but lately I’ve been falling a bit behind in managing it and there are aspects that could definitely do with some attention.

So I’m looking to hand it all over to someone with more time and energy for it than I. Preferably someone who uses it in an active project (being primarily a ruby developer these days, I spend a lot more time with feedtools than with my own package). I’m going to mark the package as ‘unmaintained’ and if you want to take it on, take a look at the appropriate page in the manual.

And if you want the full story of why I’ve chosen now to make this move, it’s made fairly clear on flickr and my other blog.

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  1. Are you tried rfeedparser? it’s a port of Universal Feed Parser to ruby

    And congrats for your new lifetime project 🙂

  2. Thanks!

    I’d looked at rfeedparser quite a while back but it had slipped off my radar. I’ve just started watching it on github and will take a proper look once things settle down around here.