Project Launch: Debtonation

debtonation screenshotWith all the talk of credit crunches, sub-prime mortgage crises, and all that follows from them it can be difficult to know how to make sense of it all. When you add in the fact that money is a far more complicated beast than most of us realise it’s pretty bewildering.

Ann Pettifor is an expert in getting to grips with these issues, communicating them and campaigning on them. And I’m very pleased to say that you can now find her blogging at, the result of a quick project Jenny Brown and I have been working on.

There are lots of talks of exciting spin-offs, campaigns for more effective regulation of the financial sector, and the likes, but for now the key thing is to get Ann’s writings on the topic out there, building reputation and conversation. A quick blog fit the bill just right, so we’ve kept it at that. Where it goes from there will unfold over the coming months.

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