Project Launch: New Generous website

Four years ago, give or take, a small group keen to see how their individual steps towards a more generous way of living added up, came up with the idea of A Year Of Living Generously. Through the web a group of people could signal their commitment to various steps that might help their communities inch closer to the way they’d like them to be. Drew built a website for the nascent group. That year became two, and then three, and the community grew. A few like-minded projects emerged, though mostly focussed on all things “green” without so much on Generous’ other concerns.

Last autumn, partially motivated by the impending launch of a book containing many of our actions, a group of us gathered to talk about refocussing Generous, and I was asked to pick up the technical lead as we implemented a new design (driven by the work of Wilf, Chantal and Paul), added a few features, and prepared a new business model.

Two weeks ago we quietly launched that new site, and today we announced it to our members. It only seemed appropriate to mention it here too. You can find it at

(For those who are wondering, I do hope to post something other than project announcements here some time soon but as you can imagine, shipping takes priority over writing.)

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