Ecampaigning Forum case study: Patrick Olszowski, Action Medical Research

Chatting and emailing in the hallwaysFor the next couple of days I’m at the ecampaigning forum in Oxford and am going to attempt to live blog the main sessions as far as possible. These notes are largely unedited, so they’re likely to be a bit sketchy. For context, feel free to post a comment and I’ll catch up with them when I can.

Using flickr for some stories + using facebook to let supporters share stories

taken quick wins from facebook and built

  • lots of usual stuff with contact your mp which sends message and directs them to a page
  • use (google) map to show which MPs have signed up to support campaign
  • MPs can respond and get themselves on the map
  • Then keep visible record of what each MP has done for them
  • Use youtube, flickr, etc. to gather stories then embed them in this site
  • Asking people to share stories effective to get content and to increase the sharers’ activism

Site built on wordpress. had to make sure it could be managed without putting more burden on organisation’s IT staff.

No asks for money yet, but £140 raised so far. £23 average donation value.

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