Is it time to upgrade drupal yet?

Working with a number of non-profits I frequently find myself tasked with extending or upgrading drupal. Each new version of drupal has been a significant step forward and I’m usually keen to get up to date but there’s the small matter of the suite of modules most sites use that need to catch up with changing APIs. With the release of Drupal 6 a few weeks back I found myself wanting a tool that would help me check if my chosen modules were ready for the upgrade yet.

The quick solution I came up was a screen-scraper that will take a YAML file listing the relevant modules and their URLs and check to see if a Drupal 6 version has been released as yet. I wrote it in ruby, because after all that PHP work it’s nice to slip back into a language that feels so comfortable. (and hpricot is delightful for quick scraping solutions).

In case it’s helpful for anyone I’ve popped the ruby code and a sample yaml file up as pasties. Currently it’s invoked from the command line (providing you have ruby and hpricot set up) with:

./drupal-modules.rb my-file.yaml

A couple of nice enhancements would be to either grab the list of modules from an existing drupal database, or to set this up as a little web service where people input the modules they use and can check a web page or receive an email when there’s a status update. It could even lead into some discussion of where certain older modules should be considered redundant and/or replaced with newer options. Time’s not likely to let me build that, but I’d love to hear if someone else does.

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