In The Office

Matt & James in their new Hoxton St officeNormally being in the office on a Saturday would seem a bad thing, but this weekend there is still enough novelty for it to be a little fun. This week, you see, Matt and I moved into an office space we’re going to be sharing in Hoxton. There’s still a lot of unpacking, arranging and decorating to be done, but so far it feels good to have a space outside the home for working. Pictures will come with time.

There’s space here for one or two more people, and our hope is to find one person to share it on a full-time basis and keep one desk free for occasional visitors. So whether you need a space in east London to get a bit of work done, need a more permanent office space, or just feel like dropping by, get in touch.

(For a full-time person rent would be around £170 per month including bills and wifi. You’ll need to provide your own furniture.)

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