The new office

Matt & James in their new Hoxton St officeYesterday, Matt Patterson and I moved into the office space we’re going to be sharing. In London’s fashionable Hoxton, right next door to a startup we like a lot, it’s a good place to be. We currently have space for one more full-timer to share the office with us, so let us know if you’re looking for a place to work.

Having worked from home for several years now I’d grown accustomed to the easy commute, the flexibile hours, and the various other comforts, but over the past few months my home internet connection has become more and more unreliable, and with a lot less space here than we had in the US, it’s not quite so easy to spread out. So the office feels like a good move. More sociable, more separate from home life, and with better facilities.

Blogging may continue to be light as unpacking and arranging furniture vies for my time with the deluge of work the past few weeks has brought, but I hope to return to a more regular schedule before too much longer.

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