Announcing FutureMusicTalk

Future Music Talk screenshotDiscussion about the future of the music industry abounds. Whether it’s advice for artists or labels, discussions of the release of new technologies, or predictions for the future, there’s a lot of it out there. It’s good to get a range of perspectives, but until now it’s been hard to know where to get started if you want to delve into that world.

Today I’m announcing the launch of Future Music Talk, a site pulling together blog entries from a range of thinkers and practitioners. For those familiar with such things it’s a variant of the Planet-style sites so popular in the web development community (it’s powered by Planet Venus).

I’m very pleased with the balance amongst the initial contributors, including as it does Gerd Leonard and Dave Kusek, authors of The Future of Music, Andrew Dubber whose recent series of definitions is a must-read, Bruce Warila, Steve Lawson, Justin Boland, and Million Media.

It doesn’t stop there, so if you are running a blog on a related topic, drop me a line at and we can see about getting you included. Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to add a few other features (including drawing in links tagged futuremusictalk on delicious).

So take a look over at, subscribe to the feed, and join the conversation.

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  1. Thanks for the notice. Looks like a helpful site.

  2. Looks fantastic so far – what a great resource, sir! Genuinely a one-stop shop for all things future music related!