Another reason to admire Radiohead's handling of In Rainbows

In Rainbows sleeveSince moving from a house (in Michigan) to a flat (in London) I’ve had a number of occasions to get frustrated with delivery people who don’t make sufficient effort to leave notes where they won’t be trampled underfoot, or with myself for forgetting to include the flat number when entering a delivery address. With my In Rainbows discbox taking a while longer than expected to reach me I was worried that that was what had happened to it, and then very impressed with a text I received this lunch time.

The delivery company had indeed missed me (I probably had forgotten to include the flat number) but because they had my mobile number they were able to text the “missed delivery” notice to me, along with a reference number and a URL to rearrange delivery. Their website isn’t the most friendly, but it didn’t take long at all to find the form, enter a revised delivery address and re-arrange delivery for tomorrow morning.

If I ever need to do product delivery I know who I’ll be looking to; it’s good to see at least one such company making such a simple change that reduces frustration considerably. And it’s good for Radiohead that this keeps the end-to-end process frustration free.

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