A couple of new feeds

The content on this blog has been a bit more diverse of late and while I tend to take the approach that if I enjoy some of the content on a blog I might as well keep an eye on all of their content to get a more rounded view of the writer, I recognise that some readers may not be interested in tracking everything. As a result I’ve added separate feeds for my two key consulting foci. So if you’re just here for musings on music on the web, you might want to grab this feed and if you’re looking for thinking on the web and other technology for charities, campaigns and other non-profits then you’ll want this one. The main feed remains at its existing location.

I’m using feedburner to serve my various feeds and provide some statistics about their readership. The FeedSmith plugin makes it much easier to integrate that with this wordpress-based blog, but in some ways it’s a shame that it doesn’t automate the process of adding extra feeds. It’d be very nice to have a way to tell it “add a feedburner feed for tag X”. If it did, I’d probably try to automate that so that users could subscribe to very targetted chunks of content. As it is, for now hopefully these two extra feeds will help some people handle their blog intake a little more easily.

(this may also be an appropriate moment to apologise to anyone who was trying to access this site overnight. a slight change to my DNS settings had some unforeseen consequences. that is now taken care of and everything should be a little more stable than before as the site is sitting on a new hosting account)

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  1. The feedburner URL are missing the ‘s’ in feeds. Not a major problem though, I still found it in the end, but just thought I’d point it out 🙂

  2. Ah, thanks Dale! I’ve fixed the links now.