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With a few projects coming to an end it turns out I have some time on my hands that I could do with filling with some paying work. I’m an experienced web developer, having been building sites and applications for eleven or twelve years now. I prefer to work with Ruby on Rails, and have been doing so for two years, but am comfortable in a range of environments and want my tools to match the project as well as possible. I frequently find myself working with drupal, and as an eight-year PHP veteran, that’s okay.

I’m particularly passionate about helping charities, music organisations, and magazine publishers make use of the web as effectively as possible. I can help such organisations work out how what they do in other environments translates to the web, and then to build the tools to make that happen. I prefer nuance to buzzwords, but I can throw around the appropriate Web 2.0 terms if I have to.

(and if you don’t fit in that list but have a project you think I might find interesting, I’m still interested in hearing from you)

I’m used to working solo, or in a small team, and have experience of leading teams as well as being a member. I’d prefer something in or around London, but usually work from home and am quite open to remote working.

I’ve got three, or maybe four days available for the next couple of months. You can reach me at james@jystewart.net to find out more.

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  1. Just curious:

    The footer on your home page (http://jystewart.net/) says you’re in Grand Rapids. Why are you looking for work in London?

  2. Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I moved (home) to London from Grand Rapids this summer and hadn’t gotten around to changing that. I’m working on it now.