Home Now

After months of planning, weeks of intense preparations, and two months enjoying a trip around the world, Kari and I have now arrived in the UK. In actual fact, we arrived a week ago on Friday, ten hours later than scheduled (never fly aeroflot if you can possibly avoid it) but very glad to be here.

The days since have been filled with getting bank accounts and mobile phones, catching up with and looking for work, and finding a flat in North London that we can call home for the next few months. We moved in today, to a two bedroom place in Harringay, though looking around it hardly seems like we’ve moved in; the vast majority of our belongings are languishing in customs waiting for all the paperwork to clear. We’re hoping they’ll be here before Greenbelt as camping at the festival could be tricky without a tent.

Photos continue to trickle onto flickr, and there are many more to come once I manage to work through the backlog.

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