New Zealand: Wifi & Coffee

A large coffee Everything you’ve heard about New Zealand’s beauty is true. Driving between Auckland and Wellington over the past few days we’ve been constantly taken aback by the scenery and we’re told by reliable sources that the South Island (to which we’re headed on the ferry I’m now aboard) is even more dramatic.

What they don’t have in such abundance is public wireless internet access. Most towns have a scattering of internet cafes or kiosks where you can use a public computer to get online, but scouting out a place to connect a laptop is considerably harder. Cafe Byzantium in Ponsonby had free wifi, our hosts in Cambridge had a network of their own, and we were able to pick up a for-fee network in from our hotel in Napier. But try as we might we could not find reasonably prices (less than NZ$10/hr) access in the capital city of Wellington.

I’m also missing big cups of coffee. We’ve had some very good coffee, but a regular coffee seems more expensive than a latte, and usually smaller. So I guess it’s pricey espresso drinks for me for the next few days. The cafes really are great, but a little more coffee and wifi would be nice.

Which is all really to say please excuse the slowing of the flow of photos onto flickr. There are plenty yet to come, but getting them there is trickier than I’d expected this early in our travels.

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