The Bay Area

Blogging while travelling isn’t proving nearly as frequent an event as I’d expected. Too much to see and do, and too few hotels/hostels with good internet access. For regular updates it’s probably better to keep an eye on my flickr stream than this blog, but I’ll try to keep this place up to date.

We’re currently in New Zealand, staying with the wonderful Riddells in Cambridge, a couple of hours south of Auckland. I’ll write more on New Zealand when we’ve been here longer, but first step back to California with a couple of highlights.

The thing I most appreciated about Petaluma, California is that the traffic seemed to always stop for pedestrians. We wondered if there’s a city ordinance about it. I’ve been very struck over the past few years by the degree to which US laws and road practices privilege cars over people, and it was wonderful to be in a town which seemed to have flipped that around.

The highlights of San Francisco were mostly culinary. Between Tartine Bakery, Farmer Brown and a number of other wonderful cafes and restaurants we seemed to spend most of our time eating or drinking, which was a great way to see the city. Kari‘s going to have more notes and photos on that up on her blog soon, so I’ll link to that when it’s ready.

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