Has W misplaced his G8 invitation?

Bush calls for warming summitI’ve been resisting the temptating to chronicle every example of the combined inanity of the Bush administration and certain US media outlets, but in the midst of the busy-ness of this week a cheap shot just couldn’t be resisted.

This headline appeared over the weekend in USA Today. I was really hoping for a follow-up the next day along the lines of “other leaders ask if invitation was lost in mail.”

It just seems to be one of the strangest headlines I can imagine coming four days before the start of a G8 summit that’s due to discuss climate change. The fact that such a call was reported straight says something—something bad, but not surprising—about at least one newspaper.

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  1. Ah but maybe we’re just assuming it’s about the climate, maybe he wants a summit to discuss the pros and cons of warm salads?