The final fortnight

Having finally got the blog back up and running, I’ve not really been making up for lost time. The chief reason for that is that we now have only eleven days left of living in Grand Rapids before we depart for a two month sojourn around the world and then life in London. Needless to say, trying to squeeze in trip planning, selling our stuff and all that goes with it is time consuming.

It can also be all-consuming, so it was great to have Steve and Lisa here for the weekend, playing some music, providing company, and keeping our minds from the piles of work awaiting. Steve has a good write-up of their gig experience on Saturday night which is well-worth reading, if just to understand the awesome clout Ralston has in this town.

There’s plenty going on, with the US and Iran finally sitting down at the same table, Paul Wolfowitz exposing the essential character of the World Bank, and more besides. But my commentary will have to wait for now!

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