A couple of releases

In the process of catching up with some neglected tasks, I’ve pushed out new releases of both of my PEAR packages.

Services_Technorati receives a version number bump, and little else. The alpha release was never meant to last quite this long given that it’s merely a port of a very stable package, and it’s finally marked beta. My hope is that the beta release will pick up a few more users to put it through its paces.

I had wondered about adding in some extra classes to encapsulate responses, but at the end of the day simplexml does a decent job, is well documented, and doesn’t add any overhead, so I’m happy just returning its objects and letting people work with them.

There are also a couple of bug fixes for the stable release of XML_Feed_Parser, kindly contributed by users. There are still a couple of outstanding tickets, but they’re issues which require more thought so I’m postponing them for 1.0.3 or 1.1.0.

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