links for 2007-03-09

  • An interesting (and very small) JSON parsing module for ruby. I’ve been looking for something better than passing it through a YAML library, but not as heavy (or as awkward to integrate with rails) as the various gems.
  • This sounds like a pretty significant speed-up. It’s surprising the patch hasn’t been applied to the main library yet.
    (tags: mysql ruby)
  • New ruby/rails podcast. Not much in the first episode you can’t easily get from the blogs, and I’m subscribed to too many podcasts already, but might be of interest to some.
    (tags: podcast ruby)
  • This metaweb project sounds really interesting, allowing users to connect together a lot of data from disparate resources and inferring information from those connections. It’ll be interesting to see what their API looks like. (I’ll join my voice with tho
  • Simple 3D flying game implemented with AJAX. Really reminds me of a game (whose name I can’t remember) on old Acorn RISC OS machines which were really impressive when those machines came out. Funny to see it in a web browser.
  • US Presidential candidate John Edwards (or someone from his team) is using twitter

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