Naivete and Ambassadorship

There are many things about the current administration that are hard to believe. Their nomination for Ambassador to Belgium. It seems he was a major ($50,000) donor to the “Swift Boat Veterans For Truth” group that attacked John Kerry during the last presidential election.

From Salon’s coverage:

OK, then, Kerry asked, so why did you give money to a group that tried to do just that? “When we’re asked, we give,” Fox replied. He said later that he couldn’t remember who had asked him for the contribution. And while he said that he thinks 527s should be outlawed and that he’d never give money to any group “if I thought what they were printing was not true,” he also said that he “personally” would have “no way of knowing” whether a group’s representations will turn out to be true at the time he’s giving it cash.

I can’t decide whether my reaction should be some sarcastic comment about how he’ll make a good ambassador if he just gives away whatever is asked of him, or a request for a meeting to request money for some of my preferred causes?

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