First Purchase

Chatting with Steve today I discovered that perhaps we had been a little less public about our plans for next summer than I had thought. As he was telling me about his latest blog entry on climate change I was telling him about our travel plans and realised he at least had not picked up on them.

The plan has been formulating for some time. Our move to the UK means that Kari will be quitting her job and I’ll be looking for a break in some of my work. So it seemed a shame to not make the most of that freedom and do some travelling. So while our belongings are shipped eastwards we will be heading west, to San Francisco, then New Zealand, Sydney, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Beijing, Mongolia, Moscow and then on by train to London.

And suddenly it all feels very real because we just bought tickets for the longest flight of that trip. On June 15th we will be boarding an Air New Zealand flight and 13 hours (or two days) later we’ll be in Auckland. Now to book a lot more flights, train tickets, boat tickets, and all the rest…

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