XML_Feed_Parser RC2

I just rolled and released a second release candidate of XML_Feed_Parser. Mohanaraj Gopala Krishnan had pointed out to me that the parsing of atom text constructs wasn’t quite as flexible as the RFC allows for and was kind enough to supply an initial patch to improve support.

Since HTML_Safe isn’t stable yet my plan is to put clear security advice in the manual and then if there aren’t any new issues with this release candidate to release it as a stable version. Once HTML_Safe stabilises I’ll revise the manual, work in support for that and release a new version.

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  1. Except that’s not the RFC. Sure, it’s the I-D that *became* the RFC and the changes are mainly typographical, but all the same I think you meant to link to ftp://ftp.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/rfc4287.txt. (Once a standards freak, forever a standards freak.)

  2. Thanks. I’ve updated the link 🙂

  3. Hi James,

    Could you provide a convenience method such as read($xmlPath) to allow users to read many feed in the same PHP code page without instantiating more than one XML_Feed_Parser instances? I think that it will reduce the memory use when using XML_Feed_Parser for multi feed parsing.

  4. pcdinh — as this is a release candidate I can’t really add new features unless they’re clearly fixing a bug (such as bringing the parsing more in line with the RFC).

    Once there’s a stable release out I can begin work on 1.1 and could consider adding this then. If you would add a feature request to the bug tracker at the PEAR website that would be very helpful. If you’d like to contribute a patch, that’d be very welcome too.

  5. I installed your XML_Feed_Parser from PEAR today.

    I am unable to get a link for a individual post from an ATOM source from a several Blogger Beta accounts. I can get a title, updated, etc. I can get the link for the entire feed ($parser->link).

    $entry->link # empty
    $entry->updated # good
    $entry->title # good

    Is this normal?

  6. Mike — could you show me the script you are using and at least one of the fee URLs?