Bus routes on Rails

Following on from my previous entry about scraping bus route data from The Rapid’s website, and to begin to demonstrate the possibilities it opens up, I’ve set up a simple web service to provide route and stop data. It’s based on the new REST style from Edge Rails, and routes are scoped by city to allow for future expansion. To get data on Route 1, GET:


To get a list of the stops within 1.5 miles of a given longitude and latitude, GET:


Using Edge Rails, setting up the application was remarkably simple. Three models, three controllers, appropriate use of respond_to blocks, and the right entries in config/routes.rb:

map.resources :cities do |cities|
  cities.resources :stops
  cities.resources :routes

This was the first time I’ve used nested routes so it took a few minutes to work out the correct syntax for the link_to calls. When using nested routes like those above, you must declare first the ID of the city and then the ID of the stop or route, eg:

I’m not making any guarantees about the long term availability of the service, but if anyone wants to make use of it, let me know and we can probably work something out. I’ll probably be making use of it myself.

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