Flickr geotagging

Back from Greenbelt last night, I spent some time this morning trying out flickr‘s new support for ‘geotagging’ by placing all my photos on a map.

The interface is nice and hopefully as the API is updated and more uses for the geodata emerge, more and more users will geotag their photos. I’m imagining a map of the Greenbelt site that lets visitors see photos based on when and where on the site they were taken, opening up all sorts of navigational possibilities.

Of course, for that imagining to become reality flickr will need much, much better UK maps. With the current maps I couldn’t even find the racecourse accurately, and Jonny, Drew and I seem to have picked slightly different spots.

Perhaps I need to find some time to work on something that uses the official festival map? In the meantime, check out the 2000 or so photos with the greenbelt2006 tag or the official festival photos.

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  1. And if you add &georss=1 to the end you get actual GeoRSS in the RSS output.