The first lyrics to grab my attention during a first listen to Lamchop‘s new album Damaged were from the beautiful, sprawling first track, Paperback Bible:

i have always thought
That handguns were made for shooting people
Rather than for sport
Why not use a rifle in most other applications?
You might find a rifle or a musket
But you’ll never hear a pistol
There may always be
Someone looking for or finding some

Guess I’d like to sell
A good used paperbacked living bible

They’re a perfect example of how Kurt Wagner’s lyrics can seem so surreal out of context but, when paired with his vocals and arrangemments, become simply sublime.

It sounds like Andy Whitman’s spent more time with the album than I’ve yet had a chance to. I hope I enjoy it as much as he clearly does. I think I will.

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  1. mmm… guns… i like guns. handguns have 3 uses: shooting animals, shooting targets, and shooting people. all valid uses in the correct context. yayy for guns. on a personal note sorry i’ve been out of touch … congrats on your (forthcoming) move… we’re enjoying being parents… 🙂