XML_Feed_Parser Release Candidate

The first release of XML_Feed_Parser in six months is out the door, and it’s the first (and hopefully only) release candidate. I’ve had several people email me with questions about the package in the past few weeks, most of whom are using it successfully and wanted to see a stable release soon, so it seemed time to get moving on that.

This release fixes a few small bugs, mostly related to the packaging rather than to its operation, and I’m now bundling the various Relax NG schemas used for validation to save on HTTP requests. There is one open ticket that I’ll need to attend to, and then all should be ready for 1.0.

I’ve had a few requests for improvements to the package, mainly relating to improved handling of extensions, such as those beginning to appear for atom, but I decided to save those for a later (1.1?) release. If anyone would like to join me as a developer to work on those, I’d definitely welcome more involvement.

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