Firefox 2.0 Beta 1

It only took a couple of days, but I’ve already made the switch to using Firefox 2.0b1 as my default web browser. Not only is it considerably more responsive than 1.5 ever managed (not quite up to Camino, but getting close) but it’s already helped me enormously thanks to its crash recovery options.

My generally wonderful MacBook Pro has been playing up of late, you see. It’s not unusual for it to require a restart once a day, and sometimes more. While I work out a time where I could bear to be without it for a few days while it gets repaired, I have to find ways of working that aren’t too heavily disrupted by the occasional unexpected reset. The new firefox’s ability to remember which tabs I had open is a considerable help.

Update: After a few days’ regular use I’m still pleased with the beta, but its rough edges are definitely showing. Occasionally it’ll fail to accept keyboard input I’ll have to switch to other applications and then back again to get it to work. And some sites will cause it to freeze up, requiring a restart. But at least those restarts don’t cause me to lose my place!

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