Hide and…

The US government said it could not find the men that Guantánamo detainee Abdullah Mujahid believes could help set him free. The Guardian found them in three days.

So starts a nicely timed piece in yesterday’s Guardian that probably ought to have made more waves than it so far seems to have. The supreme court’s ruling that detainees at Guantánomo Bay ought to be granted their right to proper hearings was a good step for due process, but the Guardian report demonstrates that a lot more scrutiny will be needed if those prisoners are to ever get the treatment any human being deserves.

It also makes you wonder how long it would take a committed team of journalists to find other people who are missing in Afghanistan.


  1. Hi James, long time no posting!

    I just think that absolutely lack of any compassion shown by US officials towards the suicides at Guantanemo Bay a few weeks ago speaks for itself.

  2. It does indeed, though this is the US news cycle and such events are long forgotten…