About fifteen minutes ago, our friend Adam called Kari to let her know that the area in which we live had been ‘quarantined’. A murder suspect had escaped from the county jail and was thought to be in the area. No-one was being allowed in or out while the police searched. I had noticed the presence of helicopters overhead, but it’s not that rare that I thought much of it.

And then a couple of minutes ago I noticed traffic starting to pass by again and saw some girls walking a dog past our house. Apparently the quarantine is over.

It’s rather bizarre to be able to read about such immediate events on the local tv station’s website and to get news by IM and phone, but not to hear anything officially. If it weren’t for Adam’s phone call, the whole thing might have passed me by.

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  1. I heard that they were looking for a guy with a pony tail, english accent and a slight persian air about him. Seemingly he killed someone with a laptop………..