This week saw the launch of the project that’s been occupying more of my time of late than any other. SimplyGiven is a new venture on the part of local firm General Motivational, who specialise in customised products, often for corporate reward schemes, and marks their entry into the consumer market.

The site is all developed using PHP5.1 and is my first project to launch using MySQL5. At present it doesn’t make much use of the new features that came with MySQL5, but there’s a good chance that the next revision will. Behind the scenes it’s linked in with a FileMaker Pro database that allows for a sophisticated interface for the staff maintaining the catalogue. The FileMaker database was developed, and the project managed, by Micah Woods of Woods IT.

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  1. I noticed when looking at this site, that there are no meta tag elements for the search engines, along with a short title tag, there is no text on the homepage, most of it seems to be locked in images. Just a thought, to get the site found it needs some more text and some sort of control to have the subpages pull in the relevant keyword related material.

  2. Yeah, meta tags and accessibility improvements are high up the to-do list, but to meet the print catalogue deadline it went out as was. Thanks for the reminder, though.

    I probably should have said in the entry that the design/layout work wasn’t mine either, I was entirely focussed on the PHP/MySQL behind the scenes.