iCarKit Warning

After much procrastinating, Kari and I recently invested in iPods. I got one of the new video iPods and, much to her delight, we found a reconditioned pink ipod mini for Kari. And naturally we wanted to be able to listen to them in the car.

Having discovered that Griffin’s original iTrip doesn’t work with the 5th generation (video) iPods (despite the “works with all iPods” sticker still on display) we decided to try out the Monster iCarKit, a combined charger and radio hookup which boasts the ability to plug in a mobile phone charger and iPod simultaneously.

Not only did it not provide the promised power for our iPods and charger, but our attempt to use the kit has left our cigarette lighter socket somehow stretched and entirely useless. The mobile charger which once fitted snugly now flops around uselessly. Needless to say, we got our money back from Target. We now wait to see how easy it will be to get them to repair the car…


  1. In regards to James review, he has wrongly called Monsters Icarplay an Icarkit which is totally different, and totally awesome. The Icarkit is wired through your car stereo and the sound is incredible. I agree with James assessment of ipod fm transmitters. They are awful, no natter which one you buy!!!

  2. laserman – I think you’ve been too quick to correct me.

    The product we purchased at the time was labelled “Monster iCarKit”. That product may or may not be available any longer (we no longer own a car so don’t use any such products) but that is what it was labelled and so what I called it here.