For those following at home

For anyone looking for an update following Tuesday’s election, Right To Life West Michigan’s nuisance calls didn’t achieve their intended purpose and Rosalynn Bliss won 52% of the vote to become the new Grand Rapids 2nd Ward City Comissioner.


  1. I dunno…I forget to comment for a while, then come back to see you’ve changed your aesthetic to summit very suptle and pleasent. Well done for approaching such simplistic politicing with such good wit.

  2. Look at this – I forget to come and reply for a while and come back to find a very nice aesthetic being used.

    Well done, by the way, for such a witty responce to that local political situation – it seems some people misunderestimate thier voters somewhat.

  3. Thanks Laurence. I must confess, however, that the design is not of my making but is actually the default that ships with the current version of movabletype.

    I decided to revert to the basics before starting work on a new design and, well, the basics turned out to be rather nice.