A lot of listening

Audioscrobbler gone crazy I’ve been using Audioscrobbler for about a year now to keep track of my listening, see what others are listening to and pick up recommendations. It’s been good to see the service stabilise a little and features evolve — right now I’m particularly fond of the ‘under appreciated artists’ recommendations as a reminder of areas of my collection to revisit — but every now and again there’s still the odd glitch.

This one yesterday, for example, indicated that I’d listened to somewhere in the region of 18 billion songs. Some rough calculations suggest that’s about 100,000 years of continuous music, or 5.2million computers playing non-stop music for a week. I like these artists, but not that much.


  1. I’m disappointed in you! Call yourself a hacker and you don’t recognise 2^31-1 when you see it? Time to file that bug report.

  2. I offer no excuses for my mathematical failings 🙂

    Seems I wasn’t the only one affected: http://www.audioscrobbler.com/forum/22/_/41078